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Let’s Tweet!

by Liz & Matt Coates Mar.22.2009 5:22:35 pm

Yes.  I know.  Nothing from us for months. And progress with the house hasn’t been much better.  The hall and stairs are still in need of decorating and the new master bedroom is now even more full of stuff we don’t need than before.  Then there’s the ongoing battle with the shower (the door does at least now close properly and the whole thing is almost entirely water-tight).

We have, however, been making plans for the installation of some hens and ducks later this year.  The necessary space has already been cleared and we’re nearly ready to start dismantling the old shed which is to be converted into a hen house.

Anyway.  That’s not the main purpose of this post.  Due to our appalling failure to communicate via this blog over the last few months we’re going to give family micro-blogging a go via Twitter.

It won’t just be restricted to extension-related stuff and any member of the family will be able to contribute, so you might get more frequent updates - not promising they’ll be too profound though.  Once we get started you’ll be able to read our tweets at:  You can either just bookmark that page or, if you sign up for Twitter yourself you’ll be able to “follow” and respond with your own comments.

It’s a whole new world…

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