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This is the story of a home extension.

When we first moved into our house in 2000, we knew we would one day want to extend it.  We started making plans about a year later but what with two separate planning applications, minor subsidence, a protracted insurance claim process and subsequent remedial work, plus an extraordinary talent for procrastation, it has taken until 2006 to actually get started.

This site will allow you to celebrate with us in our triumphs, laugh at our mistakes, offer support/sympathy/derision [delete as appropriate] when the going gets tough and generally enjoy the show.  There will be lots of pictures to see and hopefully a few articles with results of our research, lessons learned along the way and possibly a little environmental propaganda.

Please take a look at the comments section and add your own messages so that we know you’ve been here, or feel free to send us e-mail if you have any questions.  Offers of financial assistance will be gratefully received.

Please come back often for updates. We hope you enjoy.


Liz, Matt, Emma, Debbie and Sarah

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