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Now that’s what I call customer service

by Liz & Matt Coates Oct.04.2008 1:55:21 pm

We’ve now had our rainwater system installed and working for just over a year and, apart from the occasional after a spell of dry weather, it has been doing its job quietly and efficiently for all of that time.

Last week we discovered that the water pressure gauge on the front of the main system controller (that lives in the cupboard under the sink in the utility room) had developed a leak.  It had probably been like that for a while but fortunately there happened to be washing-up bowl under the unit, which had collected most of the water, so there was only a little overflow.

I called the supplier who immediately volunteered to send us, free of charge, a spare pressure gauge he happened to have ‘out the back’, which duly appeared in a jiffy bag two days later and was fitted and working within minutes.

So, top marks for customer service and a free link to Brian at Freewater UK.

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